We Clothe Them

It is an attempt to gift comfort, warmth, protection, hygiene and hope.

We Clothe Them because together we can.

Read about safety and precautions at We Clothe Them for Covid-19

Our Efforts

What we've done so far








People Clothed


Partnering with Organisations

Partner with us to complement our expertise and capabilities and achieve the common goal of helping those in need! WCT welcomes you to collaborate and be a part of our mission to provide the joy of warmth of clothing to those in need.


Clothes Collection Drives

Got a t-shirt that you don’t like wearing anymore or that pair of jeans that you’ve outgrown? Let us help you by putting them to right use! Write to us for collection and we’ll make sure that your donations are collected to reach their end users safely.


Helping through Donation Drives

Become a part of our pursuit to spread happiness and joy among those who need support and for each of us to experience the joy of giving. Contact us to contribute your bit to help us find the right donors.

What We Do

About the Initiative

We Clothe Them is an NGO seeking to empower the less privileged by giving them access to one of the basic needs of survival - clothing. It is an endeavor to bridge the unequal distribution of resources by collecting surplus clothes from the more privileged sections of society and directing them to people who really need them through collaborations with universities, corporates and localized collection drives.


Let's make a difference

We Clothe Them encourages collaborations with universities, corporates, organisations, social service societies and other non-profits. We have so far collaborated with the Rotaract Society of Delhi Technological University, Medina of Kirori Mal College, National Social Service Scheme of Jesus and Mary College and Shyama Prasad Mukherji College, SRCC, NSIT, IIT Bombay and Writers Victoria, Melbourne.

If you resonate with our mission and approach of ensuring clothing for all and can aid us in our endeavour of creating greater positive change, write to us at weclothethem@gmail.com.

Safety & Precuations

Covid-19 Measures

With the pandemic changing the way we live our lives, we need to be cautious of the safety of both our donors and donees. With immense precautions for both collection and donation of clothes, we have been taking up the following measures:

  • Complete sanitization and washing of clothes during collection.
  • Recyclable packaging of clothes for donation.
  • Tagging of clothes by gender and size to promote least contact.