What We Do

We Clothe Them is an NGO seeking to empower the less privileged by giving them access to one of the basic needs of survival - clothing.

What We Do

About the Initiative

In 2016, More than 1,600 people died due to extreme weather conditions across the country. Winter is in fact the second major reason for deaths in India after lightening, according to a government statistics. While many major economies of the world recognize Right to Clothing as a fundamental right, India still doesn't. We keep hoping and waiting for tickle down effect to improve the lives of those below the poverty line. We all remain a victim of the bystander effect: hoping, waiting, doing nothing.

We Clothe Them is an endeavour to do something about it because well you and I easily can. Because sometimes it's not about how many others are doing something about it, it is about what are you doing about it. And sometimes all that is needed to empower a person is the simple gesture of reaching out to your wardrobe and taking out a cloth you don't wear anymore for whatever reason and gifting it to someone who could really do with it. Let's clothe them because all of us together can.

It is an attempt to gift comfort, warmth, protection, hygiene and hope. We Clothe Them because together we can.

A Social Index Survey

The Current Scenario

We conducted a social index survey to understand the relevance of our initiative. Here are some insights from the survey.


of the peoeple have donated clothes at some point of time in their life


of the people would like to donate clothes for a good cause


of the people have clothes they haven't worn for more than one year


of the people have clothes they want to donate but don't know where to donate them


of the people would like to be a part of the initiative that helps to clothe people


Why Clothing?

You would wonder why another NGO doing the same old thing for the same old cause. But the truth is, there may be many, but there aren't enough. And can there ever be too much of gifting warmth, protection and hope?

Even now, on cold mornings, between my walk from home to the metro station to catch the 8AM metro to college, I find shivering bodies of young kids collecting rubbish off the pavements in the fogy mist of Delhi's January winters. I find ladies getting ready for another hard day of work making do with no, or in the rarest cases, a thin shawl. I find babies naked on the roadside, their treat being who would get that tiny piece of blanket that night. On traffic signals, I am again greeted with such gory sights. While we are wondering if to go to Zara to get that jumper or just grab another T-shirt from Tommy because well you are just plain bored of your existing wardrobe or need something to kill time, there are so many who don't get to change into a fresh washed set of clothes every day. While we have cupboards full of clothes we don't even wear anymore, there are many across the globe who don't get enough clothe to envelope their bodies. And the unfairness of it all moves us but perhaps only for a brief while. We come across such sights and read about unequal distribution of resources umpteenth times in sociology and economics classes but we don't do anything about it.